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In need of a loyal locksmith?

Our experienced locksmiths often arrive within 20 minutes for an emergency!

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Locksmith Eindhoven

Are you experiencing issues with your locks? In that case, locksmith Eindhoven can help you out with almost all of these issues. Locks barely have secrets for our experienced and professional locksmiths, so it doesn’t matter which kind of lock needs replacement. If you are curious about the problems we can solve, you could take a look at the services we provide on our website. Are you still in doubt? Feel free to contact us, we would love to help you out. Are you locked outsite because the key has broken off? Or did you accidentally leave it inside? There’s never a lockproblem that our locksmiths can’t solve.
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Emergency Service

When you have an issue with your locks that needs to be solved in a rush, don’t hesitate to contact our emergency services by phone, which is available 24 hours a week.


Opening Locks

A lock that’s stuck like glue, we don’t recommend to try to open it yourself but we advise you to let a professional locksmith handle it. The locksmith can open your lock without damaging it.


Replacing Locks

Are you in need for new locks? Ask our locksmiths for advice so you van pick the best lock, most suited for your home.


Burglary Prevention

The best home security isn’t cheap, but it will benefit you at the end. This makes it harder for a burglar to enter your home without consent and makes you feel a lot safer.


Core Pull Protection

If you get a new cylinder lock installed, it will most likely have a core-pull-protection build in. This device will make “core pulling” almost impossible and make your home more secure.


Multi-point Lock System

Do you want a quality lock on your door but with just one key? You might want to consider a multi-point locking system, this will shut your door in multiple places at once.


Locksmith Patrick is the one to talk to if it’s about burglary prevention. He will take a look at your wishes and which security-tool will be suited most to your living situation, while still keeping your budget in mind.

Lock Expert


When you have a lock that won’t open anymore, Jeremy is the one to call. He’s able to open almost every lock without a key and without damaging your door! That will come in handy if you still want to be able to use the same lock afterwards.

Lock Specialist


Do you want a new lock placed on your front door? In that case, locksmith Vincent has good advice to give you. We only install the best of quality locks provided with an SKG-certificate, but even then we still have plenty of options for you. With Vincent’s help, you’ll always have the best locking system at home.


Emergency Service in Eindhoven

Did you come home late at night after a day out and can’t find your keys anywhere? If there’s no one with a spare key to bring, the best thing you can do is contact our emergency service. You can call our emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days per week. There’ll always be someone to pick up the phone and send a locksmith right away to solve your problem. The locksmith works in a small areas to make sure he’s always in time to help you out. We take every emergency very serious, that means the locksmith will always be there within 20 minutes time to make sure you’re not waiting too long… even in the middle of the night.
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24 hours, seven days per week

Feel free to make use of our 24/7 emergency services, which means it’s literally always available.

Often within 22 minutes

This is the maximum time the locksmith needs to arrive and fix your locking issues.

1, 2 or 3 stars

These are the amount of stars on a SKG-certified lock, which indicate how safe it actually is.

Replacing Locks

Changing a lock is definitely a piece of cake for our locksmiths. They do this daily and it’s like a walk in the park for them. When changing a lock, only high quality locks will be placed. Our offer is big enough for everyone to find a lock that’s actually suited to their living situation. Our locksmiths only install SKG-certified locks that we always have in stock. That way you get your new lock as soon as possible while still having one of the safest locks for your home. Do you find it hard to make the right choice? Ask our locksmiths for advice! They could take a look at which lock is best for your living situation while still being in budget. Always tell our locksmiths where your financial situations stands and always ask for a non-binding offer.
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Emergency Locksmith Eindhoven

Not every lock issue has to be solved in a hurry. For example, do you have a lock that needs to be replaced in a short while? In that case it wouldn’t be needed to call our emergency service. But do you have an actual emergency? Feel free to contact our emergency service. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. But do you need our locksmiths urgently? It doesn’t matter what day it is, you can always call us. Someone will always be there to pick up the phone and send a locksmiths your way, right away. Our locksmiths only need 20 minutes to arrive so they can help you out as fast as possible. An emergency means we won’t let you stand in the cold for too long.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Eindhoven

When you contact our emergency service by phone, we will send you the non-binding offer right away. That way you know what the service will cost you and you won’t be surprised afterwards.
The stars indicate exactly how safe a certain lock actually is. Are there multiple stars on it? That means that lock is the safest. This comes together with a certification, which you need to show to the locksmith if you want an extra key to be made.
This prevents criminals from pulling the core out of the case in your door. The protection will be placed over the actual core to make sure core-pulling is made impossible while still using the lock as you’re used to.
This kind of lock, locks the door in 3 places at once, which makes breaking it open a lot harder than without the multi-points locking system. But you still need only one key to open the door!
Never try to get the residue out yourself but let a professional locksmith handle it. He has special gear that doesn’t damage the lock 95% of the time, this makes sure you can still use your lock afterwards.

Tony from Eindhoven

We arrived home from vacation, someone’s broken in to our home. Fortunately, they haven’t taken much but the lock in the front door was forced. We immediately called the locksmith to replace the broken lock for a new and safer one. Fast service so we could lock the door again, thanks a lot.

Bonnie from Eindhoven

Clumsy thing I did, I closed the door behind me while the keys were still inside the house. The neighbours don’t have the key so I had to call the locksmith. He was very quick to arrive and he opened the door for me, he even made a spare key.

Eefke from Eindhoven

After a day of shopping I came home, I couldn’t find my keys anywhere between all of my purchases. I called the locksmith after I found their phone number on the internet and he arrived very fast. He opened the door without damaging it, while inside I could lock the door again with my spare keys.


Working field locksmith Eindhoven

The locksmiths that work for us, don’t work in a very large area. This makes sure that they are always there in time when there’s an emergency, so you don’t have to wait very long for your lock problem to be solved! Our locksmiths work in all of Eindhoven, so it doesn’t matter in which neighbourhood you live in. They come everywhere, through the entire city. Our professionals will be sent on their way right after we receive your call.